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1967 Buick Sportwagon GS400 'clone' done!

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So the hard work is done and the 67 Buick Sportwagon GS 400 clone is ready to drive and enjoy. Newly rebuilt 400 BB and T-400 now have about 100 miles on them and so far so good. In our 95-100 degree weather the engine temperature is 190 -200 degrees, I tried the factory A/C several days ago for 3-4 miles at 30-45 MPH in urban setting going back to my house from downtown and it worked well but engine temp climbed to 210. 

I spent 4 long days working at the interior shop to get all the folding seat hardware put back together using all the special nuts, bolts, screws, etc. then added seat backs, and finally put the seats and hardware back in the car with shop personnel help. 

Interior Shop:
  • re-covered the 2nd and 3rd seats, (front bench seat and carpet already done),
  • made new side and odd shaped filler panels out of a dense black board and then covered them with the correct vinyl to match the seats,
  • recovered the wheel well humps and spare tire cover,
  • made new carpet to go between back of front seat and up behind the second seat,
  • all the flat metal pieces that are on the back of the 2nd and 3rd seats recovered in new carpet
  • new carpet on all other floor panels including the storage compartment cover and side panels.
  • I had previously refinished all the metal in black and had 8-10 pieces powder coated in black.
  • Installed all newly refurbished seat belts from Ssnake Oyl.
  • Then had the red pinstripes painted on.
  • I still have some minor odds and ends to do but car should be ready for the BCA meet in Brookfield, Wisconsin July 5-8
    Black is hot but sure looks good when cleaned and dusted:D





















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I will be taking pictures in Brookfield on the show field in the modified class.  With all the bad weather hitting the midwest I have decided to trailer the Sportwagon instead of driving it.  I have a 24' enclosed Pace and it will give me a sense of security if we run into high winds and wet weather or worse.  When you spend a decent amount of money and lots of time on a project you would hate to see it damaged by lousy weather.



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Thanks again for the positive comments.  I was overwhelmed by the positive comments about the SportWagon at the BCA meet in Brookfield even to the point that several folks told me it was their favorite car at the meet.  That included a gentleman who, while I was drying off the car Friday morning introduced himself and his 14-15 year old son and said " I just wanted to tell you that my son says your car is his most favorite car at the meet, and likes it better than mine!"  We had a good laugh and I shook the son' s hand and thanked him for coming and enjoying the cars.


Had several folks come by who wanted to talk about growing up and having a station wagon in the family and their experiences.  To see all the cars at the meet,  whether archival, restored, modified, or drivers, etc. plus meeting and talking with folks was well worth the trip from Texas. The SportWagon was trailered up and back  and other than having to buy 4 new tires for the trailer after a blowout in Oklahoma, the 2200 mile round trip was uneventful.


Wife and I look forward to BCA in  Denver in 2018 and in Oklahoma City in 2019.





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