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1948 Lincoln Continental Coupe V-12

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Thanks for checking out my ad for a 1948 Lincoln Continental Coupe.

This is one of dads collection that is for sale.  It is a 1948 Lincoln Continental Coupe with the original 292 cubic inch V 12 engine.  It has a 3 speed standard transmission with overdrive. There are 63K miles on this beauty!   It was repainted many years ago, somewhere in the 1960's I would guess.  It has it's bumps and bruises, but overall it is in good shape.  The chrome is fair, glass is all good.  The interior looks fair, some areas need some attention, while I was taking pictures of the interior I heard the clock working!!!  It has power windows.  He hasn't driven it much in the last few years but it is running and driving.  The car is complete and a survivor and would fit very nicely in the HPOF class.  Production for the 1948 Lincoln Continental was limited to 1299.  This car is a full "Classic" and can be bought for only $22,000.00.  One of the cheapest Classics going!  Car is located in Southwestern PA near Pittsburgh PA.  Message me for more details.  


2017-06-19 05.32.18.jpg

2017-06-19 05.32.25.jpg

2017-06-19 05.32.38.jpg

2017-06-19 05.32.50.jpg

2017-06-19 05.33.09.jpg

2017-06-19 05.33.19.jpg

2017-06-19 05.33.29.jpg

2017-06-19 05.33.39.jpg

2017-06-19 05.33.49.jpg

2017-06-19 05.34.01.jpg

2017-06-19 05.34.23.jpg

2017-06-19 05.34.34.jpg

2017-06-19 05.34.56.jpg

2017-06-19 05.35.11.jpg

2017-06-19 05.35.43.jpg

2017-06-19 05.35.48.jpg

2017-06-19 05.35.57.jpg

2017-06-19 05.36.02.jpg

2017-06-19 05.36.10.jpg

2017-06-19 05.36.20.jpg

2017-06-19 05.36.27.jpg

2017-06-19 05.36.35.jpg

2017-06-19 05.36.56.jpg

2017-06-19 05.37.06.jpg

2017-06-19 05.37.28.jpg

2017-06-19 05.37.35.jpg

2017-06-19 05.39.33.jpg

2017-06-19 05.39.41.jpg

2017-06-19 05.39.51.jpg

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