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New member intro. with "new" 1937 4-door

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I’m new here so this is my introduction.  My name is Pete and I’m in north NJ. I bought my first Buick as a teenager, a 1937 Special 2-door for $60 in 1961. Not a lot of miles were added when I had it since I did a lousy job of replacing the universal joint gasket and the car leaked transmission oil rather badly. Several bolts in engine were also snapped.  One thing I did do right as an inexperienced teenage mechanic and that was to replace the transmission mainshaft gear; I located a ’38 in a junkyard and bought that transmission for parts. The Buick was sold in 1970.


Around 1968 I found a 1939 Roadmaster Formal Sedan, six wheels. It cost $300. The  only problem with it was front wheel bearing with a shattered ball separator.  In 1976 it was sold to a NYC limo service since I no longer had a garage for storage. 


Now that I’m a senior I’m reliving my youth with a 1937 Special 4-door in great shape- almost. Past owners had used modern gas that had alcohol and thus the gas tank filled with rust, making the car appear to run out of gas every five miles.  Now the tank has been cut open, sealed to prevent further rust, and resoldered.  The Buick has also been converted to 12 volts. I drive it almost daily around town.


The pics are of my '37 in 1961, my "new" '37 Special ("New Tires"), and former '39 Roadmaster Formal Sedan


New Tires s.jpg

39 Buick s.jpg

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Welcome from a fellow Jersey guy (I'm up in Vernon). Gorgeous car. Glad to hear that you drive it regularly.



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