1951 Six - Engine Balance

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Hi All,

Just enquiring if any of the members have ever balanced the 6 cylinder  Side  Valve engine during a rebuild ?

My 51 has a critical speed vibration in it at about 2500 rpm, both loaded and under no-load.

Its has  good compression across all the cylinders and the Leak down test is less than 30% on all the pots,  so the  cylinder balance should be fine. It runs sweet but has a vibration at one particular rev range.....

The harmonic balancer appears to be in good condition as by visual inspection there is no distortion evident and the timing marks line up with a degree wheel  so no slippage there on the outher pulley from the hub.


Borescope inspection is all normal in each cylinder so .....


I have the equipement to balance the piston / rod assemblies  but will need to have the crank, flywheel, pressure plate and harmonic balancer dynamically balanced if its time to look inside.


Any experiences from other engine builders on these 50's engines ?






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