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I was recently contacted by a gentleman who wanted me to do a 3D model of a classic British racing car, the ERA.  Due to a communications error, he thought the drawings could be used to produce a model on a 3D printer, but they are actually for printing out photo-realistic images of the car.  I put a lot of work into this project and thought I would at least show the folks on the forum the results.  I created each part of the car in a program called Blender, then colored and textured everything.  If anyone out there would like a model of their car (which can be rendered from any angle with any type of lighting), PM me and we can talk.









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It's done.  When I informed  the gentleman who hired me to do the work that this type of file couldn't be used to make a 3D printed model, I never heard from him again.

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Here is more graphic art work that Richard did in 2016.

He has real God given talent.

Richard did a work up on my Speedster, I want to try and get it posted here also.

Meantime, here is the other one he did, Miller race car.

John Y



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