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Eric W

1950 hood emblem - wall hanger

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Just a little something to hang on the wall...

I believe I found this at Nationals last year in the swap meet area.
If you've been through some of my other threads, I was repainting with Testor's paints. For this one I tried metallic blue & metallic red to maybe give more of the original shimmer rather than a solid color.


Colors are: Red Metal Flake #1529 and Blue Metal Flake #1539. and Metallic Silver #1146.


First 3 photos are the "before", then cleaned & polished the frame w/ Simichrome, then painted/assembled indoor photo & outdoor photo. I'm always amazed how much better chrome looks outdoors...







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Benefits of AACA Membership.

Here's a '48 plastic from the '16 Nationals swap meet area.

Hard to capture the shimmer of the metallic red.

Did 4 coats of the red, one half at a time to let each side sit flat on the table.

The chrome & blue were in good shape, so I didn't do anything with those.







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