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40 Lincoln Zephyr gas cap

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         As per the Lincoln parts book ( 1946)  The gas cap  part # is 11A-9030.  This a Ford #. Several Ford parts suppliers  carry this

cap. Check with our club vendors on this website, also.

         Don't feel bad about this , just about everyone has done this at least one time. Last year I laid the cap to my '38 LZ on the pavement

under the left rear wheel while gassing up, as I always do. This time I was distracted by anothe motorist asking questions, as usual. I drove

over the cap, didn't feel the "bump" ,  Arrived at the car show and heard , "Larry ,where's your gas cap?"  I was lucky! I returned to station found the

cap up on the pump. After about an hour of filing,sanding and polishing; it looked good as new.   Rather long story, but.........          Larry 

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When I first got my 40 Mercury, I left the cap on the top of the pump. The gas cap fairies carried it away. I bought a locking gas cap and put the key on the ring with my ignition key. Now I can't drive off without it, the key must stay in the lock until the cap is locked and I can't start my car without the key.

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