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2017 BCA Board of Directors Announcement

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First of all, I would like to thank everyone who offered their time and talent to run for a Board position and encourage everyone to run again next year. Your feedback and leadership is needed and appreciated. 


I would also like to remind everyone that this is YOUR club....VOTE if you want a say in how it's ran.

I have now completed notifying all of those who ran of their results.

Congratulations to the three top vote getters who will be seated at the BOD meeting on Friday Morning in Brookfield.


I would like to welcome Roberta Vasilow back to the Board of Directors after a long hiatus. 

Also, Alan Oldfield and Ed DePouli have been releected for another 3 year term. Congratulations (and I'm sorry!) to all 3 of you!


Vote tally was as follows:

Alan Oldfield        502

Roberta Vasilow   483

Ed DePouli           402

Mark Shaw           389

Larry Schramm     355

Dandy Dave Brennan   269

Sean Ryder           231



757 total ballots

919 total voters (including qualified spousal votes)

35 invalid ballots (No vote or more than three votes)


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Congrats to winners. We the members should be thrilled at the talent on the BOD. At the same time we should also be disappointed at the talent we didn't get as I know several of those who ran bring some unique work experience and other club mgmt experience that I feel the BOD and club would significantly benefit from. I know a couple folks have tried a couple times now  and I'm sure they are discouraged, but hopefully they give it one more college try.


Will be interested to see who the BOD chooses among themselves to be officers of the club.

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Congrats to all who put their name forward. 


If I got it right, 2631 votes were cast. If everyone who voted selected three candidates then only 877 ballots were submitted, including spouse votes. Of course, I got mine sent late so I don't know whether it made it on time or not, particularly coming from another country / postal service. I think finding a way to encourage increased voter participation ought to be on the executive radar. 


Good luck to the new board. 


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Thanks to the candidates for running!  Congrats to those who received the top three vote totals!  Still a little disappointed in the total votes cast, but that might seem to be the nature of things, unfortunately.


I suspect there are MANY talented people in this group which might have a good bit to contribute to the group and its operation.  I also suspect that various things might be preventing them from considering to running for the BOD.  Even current involvements with other groups and organizations?  Another "nature of things" due to personal or other priorities, very possibly?


In any event, in our "Group of Characters", I feel there needs to be Professional Courtesy between everybody involved such that Continuous Improvement of the governed organization happens for the ultimate benefit of the organization.  This might already be there, but we need to ensure it IS and remains in process.  The only "agenda" needs to be further improving the BCA for the good of its membership, which might be interpreted differently by some operatives than others might view things.


Up, Up, and Away in that beautiful balloon with the Tri-Shield on the side!


Willis Bell  20811

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I will add another congratulation to the winners. 


  Human nature being what it is, in any group of two or more there will be disagreements. Shucks, I disagree with myself sometimes.


  Love me a BUICK, wherever it is parked, which is usually wherever I choose.



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