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Some background: this is a updraft BB1 on a 29 Chrysler.  I am attaching tow photographs. I am unable to adjust the idle.  It looks like the adjustment screw is fully engaged so no additional travel.  Should I work on the linkage and adjust that - meaning - run the screw about halfway and then adjust the linkage to be able to have margin?  You can see that the screw is fully adjusted and still doesn't touch the shaft.

OR should the screw on the float adjustment be relocated?  I think I am calling that right .





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I am running a BB1 on a 32 Plymouth PA           was having trouble trying to adjust the idle,, the screw did not seem to make any difference and was not getting proper vacuum at idle for distributor advance-------  after studying the situation --------  I realized  at idle the carb throat must be 100% cut off with the internal flapper-----adjustment screws--------- this forces the gas from the idle circuit and adjustable from the idle screw------- as speed is increased the flapper opens and the motor is running from high speed circuit and full air from intake of Carb-------------------if I am wrong some one tell me   but this set up worked for my car

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