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Post a picture of your father or grandfathers car..


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It's time for a real photo of my signature car.  A 1961 Dodge Polara 2 door hardtop.  Bought new by my Dad in September 1961.  I was 8 years old at the time and with Mom and Dad in the showroom of Hutton-Scott Dodge (Randolph Scott's family).  Mom fell in love with the Dodge in the center of the showroom and we came home with it.  Dad drove it until 1965, traded in Mom's 1956 Chevrolet 150 and it became her car until 1969, when it was passed down to me as my first car.  Mom got a 1968 Dodge Charger as a replacement.  I still have the car and hope to get it out again in 2019.  These photos are from the last major trip I drove it on from North Carolina to the UP of Michigan and back.  I saw the Northern Lights for the first time as we were driving into the UP.  Space age Dodge and the Northern Lights...….what a combination!


You either love or hate the look of this car.  There has never been any in between.

61 dodge1.jpg

61 Polara.jpg

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