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2017 Wheatland All Buick Car Show - Sept. 23, 2017 Wichita, Kansas

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Buick Club of America Wheatland Chapter Presents:


All Buick Car Show

Saturday September 23, 2017
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Ramada Wichita Airport
5805 W Kellogg (US 54) - Wichita, Kansas

Download a flyer or a registration form!

Online registration will be open soon.




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If you want the full story, come to the show.  Here's the short version:  


The Red Roof Inn is not honoring our agreement to host the show.  We have relocated to the Ramada at 5805 W. Kellogg, just 1/2 mile east down the service road.  We've got the whole east lot to ourselves.


Please spread the word if you know anyone planning to come (with a car or not).

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Matt I think this move is a good one..I am not surprised about the Red Roof inn. I have had several negative issues with them the past couple of years..I don't know what their issue is but years ago they were once a good chain but I tried to contact them about a problem a year ago and I am STILL WAITING FOR A REPLY. I wont stay with them in the future. Ramada is 100% better show site


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I was in shock.  The manager (new owner?) says to me, "Who did you talk to?  I don't know you. You have no contract with me."  Dad was down there last week and everything was cool, so I had him come in.  Again this guy says, "Who did you talk to?"


Dad says, "I talked to YOU!"  Suddenly the guy's story starts changing, but I'll save the rest for later...


This guy has no idea how connected I am with the local hotels.  My company brings in THOUSANDS of travelers every year, from all over the globe.  Word will spread.

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3 hours ago, Ben Bruce aka First Born said:

I hope the silence does not indicate the show was a failure. 


  Really sorry you folks had the site problem.




Not at all, this site is just a PITA to use. 


Show was good, new location was better than the original in some ways. 


We also have this for sale:




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2 hours ago, Ben Bruce aka First Born said:

A shame. I thought about coming. Good thing I didn't?




No, it was a good show, It would have been great to see you.


I'm just exhausted and still playing catch-up on all the things that were neglected for the show.  I'll get pix up eventually. 


The Mid-America (KC area)folks posted some pix, though...



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