Installation of Addco front sway bar for 63 Riviera need help

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MASS 9192, ADDCO rear part # is 934 but if it doesn’t fit Why buy it. Maybe Jamco ? To mount the rear sway bar under the coil springs so it’s tucked out of sight the bar has to be 29 1/2” wide. By mounting the sway bar under the rear coil you’ll need a coil spring compressor.  A longer grade 8 bolt is needed and patience or luck. Putting the bolt through the backing plate for the coil spring, the hole in the plate, and the hole already in the control arm takes some good manipulation. Pic of the mounting on the rear.

By the way my 63 handles very well with the front and rear sway bar. I’m not a hod rod type, but I like the safety features the sway bar pprovides.6E4F9598-54E3-4C04-8DD8-5D064CCFA1D5.thumb.jpeg.d2948aa67f2bf153736765e3a087b991.jpeg

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Thanks! Good to know. I thought maybe they corrected the problem. I like the front one as well. I’ll check with jammco thanks for the info. 

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