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Micrometer / Caliper readings - can someone decipher?

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I'm trying to get the hub size of my '17 Buick over to George at CustomHubPullers.  I've taken a variety of measurements using multiple tools that I have.  2 calipers (one is standard and the other seems to be using inches, but decimal (as in tenths of inches).  Last, I used a Micrometer which might be the most accurate but certainly the hardest for me to figure out.  I can say that the size is 2-3/4" give or take a very small amount (which may matter per George).   The photos are all from the hub itself, instrument resting across threads so as not to be in the trough of the threads.  Of course, the perfect spot to get a true diameter is easier said than done.  I did my best to move the instruments carefully back and forth to get as close to a true max measurement.  The only photo that's somewhat different is where I used what I called the "decimal" calipers.  

Buick Hub i.d..jpg

caliper hub o.d.jpg

caliper hub o.d..jpg

micrometer hub o.d..jpg

micrometer hub od.jpg

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The problem is you are showing several different measurements. I can read the tools but they each show something different. The micrometer pics need to be bigger. You must decide which measuring device was able to get the most accurate reading and go with that one.

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The first picture is showing  2.700 inches

The second picture is showing  2.710 inches

The third is unreadable because of glare.

The last two with the mike....assuming it is a 2 - 3 inch micrometer is showing 2.735 inches


The example below is reading    .741

For some reason the picture did not transfer completely... the left number should show .025 (4 x .025 = .100)

on the right that number should show    .001, each mark on the Thimble = .001, one complete revolution = .025


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I would send George a good hub cap that works on the wheel correctly and let him make the hub puller from it. 


That is the only way to be sure you get a good puller that works correctly. 


That is what I did.  Just send it insured for about $100.00.

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For Charlie and others who post, when putting up photos, you want a large resolution. I think the Forum will accept 2000 pixels max on one side. That way we geezers (!) can see the detail needed to answer your questions. There is a free program that you can use to easily down-res from your camera or phone to the 2k pixel size,


Cheers, Dave

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