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Buicks total production for 1925 was  192,100 as per 70 Years of Buick by George H Dammann.   Only 3156 sport Tourers were produced in 1925.  1925 Models started production in August 1924 through to July 1925.  The  1925 Sport Tourers fell within the range  1277417 - 1398003  serial numbers.   

The earliest production numbers for 1925  is the Model 25 -45    1211720   and the first production number for 1926  is  1398244  a Model 26-20 ,    Which equals  186,524  production run for 1925.   However you add up the numbers you come up with different totals.

So to answer your question,  those numbers cover the whole year for all models,  both Standard and Master.

If I,m in error here and somebody has different figures ,  please chime in. 





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So do the sept builds refer to the next year. As I've got a lot of engines but all the tags refer to 1924 but all the top parts of the motors are round intakes. Not square like the 1924 should have. 

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Built early, For example, The Harrison radiators.  Many of the ones used in 1925 have a 1924 Build date. 

By the way, very few changes really between the 1924 6 cylinder and 1925 Master.  Lots of interchangeable parts here. 

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7 hours ago, Hubert_25-25 said:

Engine tag 1257473 is for a 1924 6 cylinder.

Yes I know the tag is on a spare block and it has the casting bracket behind the water pump. The rest of the spare blocks have the casting bracket at the front end of the water pump and are 11 starting tags. I ran the tags on all the spare blocks but this one 1257473 is the only one with the water pump bracket casting in different location



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Took a second look at it and it does not fit on a 22-23 6cyl column.  It it 12 sided like the Sport touring models  and it is a little smaller than a 22 6cyl wheel,  and has an alum. spider that goes out to the rim,

I guess it is not a Buick wheel.


Anybody out there have a wheel for a 22-23 sport touring, it's the only part I need to complete my car?




1922-6-55 Sport touring

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On 12 June 2017 at 10:12 AM, 26-25Buick said:

25 Buick,

There was no Buick dealer network in Australia until late 1926 when GM-H was formed so before then it was the individual dealers importing the chassis and fitting bodies from various coach builders, mostly Holden admittedly but there were some others as well. I suspect therefore the dealer got a lot more say in how the car would be finished and you saw individuality not only between dealers but also Australian states.


For example ours is an early 1926 from a Victorian dealer but that may not be an indication of what the other coach builders were doing at the time. Anyway what I'm working around to is our Standard has a wooden facia (I'm no wood expert but I think it's probably a Queensland Maple - a softwood) and the doors tops are the similar although they are a hardwood of some type.



I've recently come across several 26, 27 Buick standard derelicts in Australia with these features (Holden bodies).  I was talking to the owner of the cars and it appears that the factory was making special custom runs of these cars as a point of difference.  Based on this thread it appears most went to NZ but some are in Aus.  I suppose we still see this practise today by car manufacturers.  

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On 4 June 2017 at 8:02 PM, 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer said:

25 Buick,

I have been lucky to date with my car. It came as you see in my profile picture with no spares.

My friend has been eBay. There is a bloke in Australia that lists all the spring shackle pins (in U.S. dollars). I have made all the spring bushes. I had plenty of alemite nipples in stock (left over from a previous restoration) to replace the ones that were missing.

The rest - to date - has just been alot of hard dirty work stripping, cleaning , reassembly and painting.

My rear brake drums were pretty sad. I met a bloke at Bendigo swap last year who restores/rebuilds brake drums. He did a cracking job and i would recommend him to anyone for brake drum repairs.20170315_184634.thumb.jpg.46e7b6dea1dbf8998a71d1502ca33c20.jpg

I asked him how good will they be?

His reply " within 20 thou". Good enough for me.:)

All the work to date has been done by myself, i have new pistons ordered through JP pistons and currently have the block at an engineers awaitng the pistons before they can rebore.

I have been having trouble tracking down valves. Bobs Automobilia in the States list valves for some models but i believe not all for my car. I am yet to contact them.


Hope this helps.


More to follow later if your interested



As I am new to this thread and I have been reading your comments I thought I might share.   I have a 24/54x roadster that has been in the family since 1980.  It has cast iron front brake drums.  This improved its braking capacity, reliability, etc. The fellow my father bought the car off was a retired civil engineer who used to make race cars.   He made some timber blanks up, got the drums cast and then spun them up on a lathe.  They have been on the car the whole time and it has been driven regularly since 1988.  


Separate to this I am nearly finisde an 8 month freshen up of the engine.  The motor has JP slugs.  As my father has  a 38 century conv coupe we decided to compare Pistons.  After measuring etc we found that they would be a good replacement for the original Pistons.   My motor had to go out 100 thou for the JP Pistons the civil engineer got made while the 38 Pistons didn't need as much depending on which size you ordered.  Believe it or not there are several 1930 Buick standards in my local area that are also running 38 century Pistons.  

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The old Buick on a trailer, I dont now about you have found out what kind of Buick this is, but it look like my Canadian  1927/49 Buick, I can see it out from the back door.

1927/ 49 , they started to produce the 49 model in 1924 as far as I know.  They are listed on the Canadien user instructions as 1927/49 , a seven seater touring Buick Master. Terje

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