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1933 Crysler tire cover emblem, restored

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Chrysler emblem (may fit 1932 as well?) restored, re-plated emblem for tire cover. $100.00 total shipped. Paypal, check, or money order. Ships via USPS priority. USA sales only.



Cry 1.jpg

Cry 2.jpg

Cry 3.jpg

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Hi Walt, Nice to see a longtime prewar guy helping others to find a piece that they need....from our years of leftovers...


(I need to do the same)  :)

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Thanks F&J, I am trying to thin out a lot of good stuff that I have bought over the past 50+ years. I am trying to pass on for as fair a price as possible .

Yes you said it right - years of lefovers! well stated. thanks .Walt


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