Graham-Paige in 1931 Mille Miglia

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In your original post you have two cars pictured.   I do not think they are the same car, too many differences.  Headlights, fender lights, center cyclopes light, tire covers, black vs chrome headlight bar, different front license plate.  The 1931 Graham 822 Special eight would have chrome, the standard eight would be black.  Both cars carried a 298.3 CID engine, the block sourced, machined in the Graham-Paige factory.  I have seen quite a few European bodies on Graham cars.  Without the records from the coach builders it is anyone's guess.  There is a book remaining from the Graham-Paige factory that would list every production car for 1931 but unfortunately I do not have access to the book. 



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The convertible phaeton style in the cover photo was most well known as the work of Hibbard et Darrin in Paris.  They licensed the design to other coachbuilders including D'Ieteren Freres in Belgium, Gill in England, and Derham in America.

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