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Wanna Build a brass Era Speedster?????????


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If you want the makin's of a brass era speedster, I can help.

I have collected over the last 20 years the following parts,


brass era Haynes frame, dipped and phosphated ready for primer and finish approx. 125 inch wheel base

6 cylinder overhead valve teens Reo motor.

Large brass era right hand drive steering unit.

Large round gas tank restored

Large running board tool box. restored

4 new Houk 28" quick change wire wheels, restored new rims new spokes all laced on original hubs. Have 2 front hubs and nuts and 2 rear hubs and nuts.

2 brass era White 4 speed overdrive transmissions

Brass era front and rear springs, the rears are 1/4 elliptic/1/2 elliptic spring sets

Brass era beautiful Voisin "vee" German silver honey comb radiator

Brass era restored flared front fenders(plow sheer)

Brass era Franklin rear axle assembly

Lots of smalls picked up over the years, to be included.






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I restore late teens and early twenties Kissels which are mostly speedsters and/or sporting models. I have several that are in stages of restoration. Some of your parts may work on my Teens Kissels. And i have other cars. Can you send more information and pictures to;

Ron Hausmann P.E.


email;      ronaldhausmann@yahoo.com

phone;     313-510-8463

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Well, after having a couple of tire kickers with the promise to let me know, they were a no show, no return call, typical of today's mentality.


So to answer your question yes I am going to sell and have sold some of the pieces that I have collected. I still have some neat interesting parts and will sell individual pieces. Let me know what you are interested in and we can put a deal together.




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