Spring Pivot Bolts

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Does anyone have a source or go-to guy for spring pivot bolts (series 12B)? Do you have to have new ones made,  is there some old stock, or can a machine shop build up worn bolts to original diameters? I am working on ending front end wabble, so I put a big herken wrench on all four joints on the front springs at the pivot points and got a little movement on one pivot. I pulled the bolt and it is out of round by approximately .020. Is that enough to create wabble? I suspect that that particular bold was not tight, due to the fact that I could tap it back and forth before taking off the castle nut. Should I just put it back together and make sure the nut is tight(er)? It was well lubricated, and the grease passages seem to be clear.

Appreciate any thoughts....



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