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Hubcaps to fit 7 1/8" hole wheel ???

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I have a set of Firestone Artillery wheels with out hubcaps.  the wheel hole is similar in style to a 16" ford wire wheel, but is 7 1/8" in diameter.  Looking for ANY hubcap that will fit that hole.  If necessary I will modify a new skin to fit the framework.  I really to not want to modify the wheel by welding a ring in to get down to the size of a ford hubcap. 

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8 minutes ago, jim5618 said:

I takes a variation of those.  Looking for something more common for now as it will take years for me to find a set of the right firestone ones.

All that comes to mind for big ones are very late 20s to around 32 BIG cars, or the biggest chassis series of a more common brand.




3 hours ago, jim5618 said:

If necessary I will modify a new skin to fit the framework


The core or shell under the skin is not really that involved other than the styles of retainers.  Fab work would not be impossible if you can't find any at all. 


I wonder if the old "wheel info sales book" has any hubcap hole data?  I saw one once when I tried looking for donor wheels for my 32 Nash.  I just don't recall.

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