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Mssr. Bwatoe

Clutch pedal return spring

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Anybody got a trick to reinstall that heavy coiled spring for the clutch pedal, I have done it... but cant remember how....And any pics of where the brake pedal return spring (with extension rod)

hooks to floorboard?? 

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For the clutch pedal spring, lock one end in a vise, then using a ratchet strap on the other end which is attached to something that won't  move, ratchet the strap to open the spring.  Then get a bunch of nails and place in the openings created.  Don't use washers, the fall into the center of the spring. Once attached to the pedal and the area where the other end goes, just remove the nails.


 I will try and get you the pics of that spring for the brake pedal return.



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