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I first met Art Griffin in 1984 when he and Arlene were hosting a national meet of the Kaiser Frazer Owners Club in Pigeon Forge, TN. He saw I was registered and I lived nearby. He called me up and asked me to bring my barbeque grill. My first evening as a new member of the club was spent cooking 350 hot dogs. As Art said, it was a quick way to get acquainted with everyone in the club! It was also my introduction to Art Griffin and his "servant" attitude about everything he was involved in. I can honestly say that my life has been enriched greatly by knowing this man. We have had many adventures over the past 32 years and I have been a guest at his home and he at mine.


I will miss him as a friend and as a mentor.

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This is Art Griffin trying to sweet talk a balky Darrin hood latch.
That is why I never close mine..
He will be missed.. I talked to him  a few times on the phone..
From the kaiser club.. I posted it to let them know: This it what they posted..
Art was previously the manufacturing fund manager and was instrumental at getting it off the ground. Without him, the fund - and the KFOCI - would not be what it is today.

His obit mentions he was with NASA but what it doesn't mention is that he was the lead electrical engineer on the space shuttle program and everyone involved reported to him. Quite an accomplishment to say the least.


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Art was a very generous, and truly caring gentleman.


Condolences to Arlene and all their family from Dale and me. Just one simple example - Art made signs designating the Judging Classes to be used at AACA National Meets, and offered them freely to any and all Regions/Chapters who hosted an event. We would carry them from one Meet to the next, sharing the way Art intended.


Art will certainly be missed.

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We're greatly saddened by this news - Art was a kind and gentle man with so many friends in the hobby.  I believe he and Marshall Van Winkle were chasing the record for who could chair the most AACA National Meets. I don't know was in the lead, but although the race is over, we're all looking forward to that meet someday in heaven.  You know Art will be the chairman!   Rest in peace old friend, you will be missed.

Terry & Susan

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I met Art in the mid 1970's thru the Cape Canaveral chapter of the AACoA, of which I was a member. He was one of the owners of Scrip Antique Auto in Melbourne Florida

at the time. They did a fantastic job of restoring my 1958 Edsel Pacer. The last time I saw Art was in 2009, when I came to one of the club business meetings while I was in town.

He will be missed. He was a fine gentleman and friend. While I was in Florida, he was always there to help in any way he could.

Rest in peace Art!

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So sorry to hear about Art's passing.  Condolences from Cath and myself.  Not sure when I first met Art, but do remember he winning the annual AACA car drawing, a Pontiac Solstice.  Many discussions followed that win since we were interested in buying one.  Art will be remembered for his many AACA interactions. all in a quiet way!



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Marion & I just found out the sad news about Art yesterday and are deeply saddened to hear it.  Art was a great guy, someone with an infectious sense of humor that you always enjoyed seeing and talking with at club events.  One thing we recall in particular about Art is he was the first person we remember taking photos of his judging teams and then e-mailing them to the members.  We thought that was a great idea and started doing it with our judging teams. 


Our sincere condolences to Arlene.  She and Art are in our thoughts and prayers.  AACA Meets won't be the same without Art.  However, he'll always be a part of them because of his judging class signs.

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