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I've been previously posting under "Getting another TC on the Road" however thought I should start another thread for my questions for making them searchable to other forum members. To update, I thought the car some what of a dog especially up hill. That and an intermittent starting issue were my two biggest concerns. I replaced the fuel pressure regulator for my start issue. As a matter of precaution I didn't like the "looks" of the IAC sensor and electrical connector, replacing both of them. Damn thing runs like a new car! Really! My gas mileage went from 16.5 to 21.5 and plenty of pickup now. Its become a very nice daily driver with the exception of the (very) intermittent start issue. Last weekend I cleaned the throttle body and AIS motor. Idle is much better now. I guess we'll see if that fixes my start issue.


I need help identifying a vacuum line I have found disconnected. I had no luck finding it in my maintenance manual. Please note the attached pics. Pic "A" shows the air box removed and the port noted. Pic "B" shows the box and line I'm referencing. To explain, the line exits the air box and 90's to a "T" conn.  One line continues  to a "Y" conn where it splits one line to the cruise control and one line through a check valve  to the intake manifold. Back at the "T" the bottom line 90's under the air box and disappears. Any ideas where that line might go? From the looks of the end the hose hasn't been connected for  while. Your next thought is, "why the hell doesn't  he look under the removed air box?" The air box really isn't removed. I just...just borrowed the pic :)


As always , thanks for the help!





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