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HELP: 1957 Oldsmobile


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Hi! I have been in the process of restoring a 1957 Olds 88 2-door sedan for the past 4 years. (Slowly, but surely) I have had a lot of luck finding all of the mechanical parts (i.e. engine, transmission,etc.) Now that I am pretty much done with the drivetrain, I have turned my attention to the body. I am in MN and the car has been here all its life, so it is pretty badly rusted. My problem is that I cannot find anyone who makes or sells body parts or patch panels for the car. (and I need a lot, mostly the underbody) So, I was hoping that someone out there might know of a place to get these parts or somewhere that a junkyard has some usable bodies. Thank you very much for any help in advance. Please e-mail me at Floyd47883@aol.com Again, thank you!<BR>-------Ryan

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