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New Car Dealership comparison article


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Dain King's article in "The Judge" was fun for me, because I sell new cars and often consider this perspective when judging myself. Especially with the "excessive dirt" consideration. I don't know about any cash incentives for such things, but that's the difference between buying a new car and having your old car judged. No real spoken justifications to look the other way! No one at the assembly line counted on his work being scrutinized beyond the dotted line requirements, that's for sure!

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Guest Mark McAlpine

I enjoyed Dain's article, and we reprinted it in our region's newsletters.


At one of the first meets Marion & I attended and served as judges at, our CJE instructor took us outside and had us judge a new car that was on display from a local dealer.  (This may have been at our first meet because this sounds like something that would happen as part of either Apprentice Judge CJE or, at the time, actual Apprentice Judging.)  Several judges in training identified items we would deduct points for.  Our CJE instructor/team captain used it as a good teaching lesson--our Judging Guidelines say "as the dealer could have prepared the vehicle for delivery to the customer."  Something like a scratch would be a valid deduction, but light surface rust on bare steel/iron parts, minor paint issues like minute drips, a supposed incorrect clamp in the engine compartment, issues with door or hoods gaps (unless out of factory specs), would not be appropriate considering the car literally just came from the factory.  Of course, these many years later quality control is even better, so many of even these minor issues are rare today.


I always enjoy Dain's articles (and his Judging Schools).

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Corrected the quote from the Judging Guidelines (see edit history)
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