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HELP! Please ID my 1900-04 Lowell Model Co(?) engine. Need timer assembly. Leads?

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Hi Guys I acquired this circa 1900-04 approx. 3 HP air cooled engine from our car friend Coburn Benson of Maine. Coburn believes, and was told it was made by the Lowell Model Co. of Lowell Mass. Can anyone ID, and or have any literature with drawings in it. Also I need a timer ignition assembly. Can anyone help and or with leads? THANKS! I want to make it run. Yes I know it looks similar to a Crest Crestmobile engine due to how the crankcase splits, but it is definitely not Crest. Engine from bottom of the crankcase to the top of the inlet valve is 19 inches. Crankcase is 4 1/2 inches thick,and 8 1/2 inches across,or in diameter. I would like to mount it on a circa 1900 tricycle. Any leads on one of those. Thanks,George Albright,Ocala,Fla. cell weekdays 10-4 EST 352 843 1624  email  gnalbright@gmail.com







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