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hi everyone, I'm sure this has been checked on another thread, but I couldn't find anything.  I just measured and checked for a rubber lip seal to replace the felt seals and washers for the front wheel bearings on my 29 Erskine, and came up with number 17624 from cr seals, which seems to joined with skf, also part number 712260 from national seals.

if this helps anybody, great, or maybe somebody tried these seals and something didn't work out?

thanks to anyone who helped me out on previous questions!


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SKF have a good interchange web page at www.skfpartsinfo.com on the interchange tab. If you type in either of the numbers you give you get a list of all numbers used for that size by manufacturers. Then if you click on the SKF number (17624) you will get a picture and on the attributes tab, the sizes: 2.814 OD, 1.75 shaft dia, 0.313 wide.

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2 hours ago, automaschinewerks said:

yes they have been in for a year and a half now, they fit perfectly with no machining.

Perfect, I have bearings on the way and was curious about changing out the seals to something else, I will order some of those and get em on the way. Do you still use the retainer clip on the back of the hub?

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