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1952 Buick Special (Modified)

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Hey guys,


Figured I would post up a few pictures to share with everyone of some of the stuff I've done to my '52 Special.  I know the restoration/show room side of the AACA is pretty strong, so I thought boosting the Modified side wouldn't hurt :)


Just a few things I have done amidst a growing list:


Dual Exhaust (using a y pipe near the axle)

Holley/Ford 94 2bbl carb swap

Aluminum Radiator

Lowered rear by 3-4 inches (lowering springs)

Front disc brake swap conversion (kit from Scarebird)


I'm sure I missing some things and have a host of things to go thru in the future. Hoping to start working on doing up a custom header for it soon.


Any questions or comments are always welcomed! 


I try to visit the site when I can so feel free to message me and I will get back to you when I see it.









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Love the Special, Anthony.  Nice patina, too. 


How difficult was the disc conversion?  I have a '53 Special hardtop, also with some modifications (see pic), and was thinking of converting to disc at some point.  It's way down there on my to do list, but it's on there.


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Hey guys, I apologize for not getting back to you until now. I'm on here quite a bit, but for some reason it logged me out and I never saw the notifications. Sorry!


I swear I'm not ignoring anyone haha. Feel free to message me at anytime since that will at least send me an email :)


As far as my disc brake conversion, it was rather easy. I did not install a booster. Quite honestly, the pedal is firm, but not stiff like it was before. I took out the residual pressure valve from the master cylinder, flushed the old fluid out and the rest was history.


The difficulties honestly only came from fitment. Scarebird does a great job with all of their components. In their instructions, it does say you need to relieve/grind the corners of the brake calipers (if you choose to run factory wheels). It was rather easy for me to do. I simply painted the caliper and spun the wheel. Any place paint was removed was clearly a rub, so I just kept grinding until when I spun the wheel, no paint was removed.


And always, I just has to clean up the brake pads too. The paint that comes on them is thick and they won't drop in until you sand/grind it back.


Overall it was a really easy swap. 

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Here’s a 51special I just picked up in Oregon. One owner no rust anywhere perfect body,chrome is just ok but straight,beautiful interior in cloth and vinyl. I bought it for $3000 minus engine(cracked block) but I have a 53 263 fresh completely rebuilt and installed with the help of a couple Buick buddies. Should be ready to fire in a couple weeks.


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Here’s a 53 restomod super I also have. Clip is 81 olds cutlass with CPP dropped spindles. Caprice disc front, elcamino 4 link with coils rear, booster and m/c from olds. Stops so hard it’ll suck your eyeballs out. Handles great. Next up for this one is A/C.


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Sunshinemm73, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have not been on here in a while.


I can give you the part number for the radiator, but be aware that the one I chose is larger than stock (went with a 3 row) so some modification is necessary. I had to widen the radiator support, relocate the horns and the voltage regulator. 


I did not convert to 12v. I'm actually running a 6V Optima battery. 


Any other questions, feel free to message me or let me know!

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