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Motor driven horn repair

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If like all other brands I've seen, it is just a simple DC motor with a "toothed, gear-like" piece that rubs against a nub on the center of the steel disc.  Kind of acts like a stripped gear.


If you can locate a local shop that repairs DC motors, they should be able to fix it.

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There are quite a number of you tube videos on "Klaxon", "Sparton" Model A and other horns.  Unless the armature needs rewinding it is an easy home fix.  Rewinding the armature at home is a little bit harder but not much.


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8 minutes ago, Mark Gregory said:

Here is an excellent article on the Second Chance garage about horn repair . 


Unfortunately that is for a vibrating horn, not a motor-driven type.


I asked the www for "how to repair an ooga horn" and got a fair few useful hits, including u-tube videos.

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