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I found my luck (maybe)!

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Roger, congratulations.  This is one of my favorite year and model as well as color combinations.  Low mileage, still have the  correct original whitewalls.  But you have a sharp eye obviously with your 1/12 scale cars like me having managed auto detailing for major dealerships many years ago. My concern is where I circled on your photo... where the hood meets the door.  There is a fit and finish issue and since the paint shade does seem to be off on the fender and hood, possible a fender bender in the past occurred and the new fender is not a good fit (alignment)?  There should not be a big gap there but tight.  Examples attached as well. 


1972-cadillac-deville (1).jpg


s-l1600 - 2020-02-09T091046.541.jpg

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You are right about that gap. Indeed, the hood was once damaged and repainted with a 2k system; unfortunately, not a right match for the original paint. It could be that the LH front fender had some trouble because it seems it was repainted in acrylic but a dad different than the rest of the vehicle.

I tried to correct that ungainly gap by pushing the hood more to the left and taking the front fender a tad towards the middle of the car. The gap was getting smaller, but it's still too wide. What to do? reconstruct the car? No. I will let as is; it's not a perfect car, it has also dent from inside to outside, obviously an issue during assembly. I saw late last year a similar car belonging to a friend; it as many more miles, but the adjustment hood/door/front fender is better! Early Seventies was the begin to the bad years for Detroit: sloppy assembly, questionable engineering and so on. So, I was aware of that and I will enjoy the car as is.

I'm adding some pictures when I got the car in my storage room last Summer with new tires from Diamond back. I still had some issue to solve; low mileage does not means perfect car! Anyway, I'm amazed at the outside chrome: not really perfect, but way better as someone would expect from a car almost 50 years old.


Coupe de Ville.jpg

Coupe de Ville1.jpg

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Thanks, Roger.  Possibly the repair shop used an aftermarket fender or hood and not one from the factory or from an original parts car?  Aftermarket panels are notorious for not fitting properly unless there is some alignment issues with the cowl from the accident?  I am noticing the rear being up higher than normal... air suspension? 

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It seems that you are convinced that the alignment was better at the factory! Could be. The hood was repaired; I assume it was not a serious damage. I have no idea when this incident happened; to my knowledge, the front fender was not replaced. The gap between hood and door could be reduced if the radiator cradle would be shifted to the left side. Will I do that? No!

I let replace the rear shock absorbers by inflatable ones as those cars are too soft and the rear is too low when some weight is added. When the picture was done, the air pressure was too high. Now, the car is more or less at normal height. 

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