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1957 Cadillac Eldorado 2Dr Seville - Technical Questions

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I just drug a new project home and so far, am very happy with what I have.  

I do however, have a few questions that I hope someone can help me with.


1.) Can anyone help me decode the numbers on the data plate ?  


Engine: 5762033769

Passenger Frame: *5762033769*


Data Plate:  

Style: 57-623SD7

Body: F W   7 6 8 

Trim No: 53  U

Paint: 94 - 7

Top: 7



2.) I was told this car was upgraded "optioned" with the 2x4 carb setup but I have no way to verify this.  The original #'s matching engine is still in the car, but the intake and carbs are missing.


3.) This car currently has a Black Vinyl Top.  Was this an original option ?


4.) Where can  find a good Shop / Service Manual ?


5.) What are a few good sources for parts (57 Caddy) ?

  Gas Tank, Lines, Brakes, Brake Booster & Master Cylinder, Other under hood parts, Center Caps, 


6.) The trunk opens with the glovebox button as designed but the trunk springs do not hold it up.

Are the springs replaceable and has anyone else seen this ?  The previous owner rigged up a board to keep it open but I'd like to fix it right.


7.) If I can get the motor "unstuck" I'll have it rebuilt, otherwise, I need to find a replacement 365 or 390 near the Dallas, Tx area.

Any ideas where to source one ?


Thanks for any information in advance !


Mike Nelson

Denison, Tx











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