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Gravel guards on rear fender

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Back in 2010 I asked the forum advice about installation of the rubber gravel guards, lots of good advice.  I finally had to face this task this week and after three days of fitting two different types, here is what I found. I bought the rubber with the buttons on the back, and actually got all but two of the buttons into the original mounting holes, but it didn't fit tight to the bottom stainless


The other guards I had were thinner, looked a bit better but needed trimmed on the body side.  I took the Gorman guards, flipped them over for a pattern, marked the other guards and cut to size.  When I fitted these to the fender, these were not long enought either, but they looked pretty nice.

so, taking a deep breath, I cleaned the fender with prep-sol, then put an adhesion promoter on the fender.  Did the same on the back of the gravel guard. I bought some molding mounting tape from the paint supply place I use and they claimed this is what German cars use for side moldings, very thin, extremely sticky.  I ran this tape along the two long sides of the guard , across the top and bottom, then six pieces from side to side top,to bottom.  


Starting at the fender skirt skirt side I stuck that side first, then the top side from the skirt side toward the body, then working slowly, worked my way down, smoothing the rubber into place. In order to cover the top three mounting holes on the fender, I had to raise the guards up a little, leaving a slight gap at the bottom, but it's even, and all things considered, I am pleased with the result. Will attack the other side today.







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Nice job.

I am looking forward to fighting with mine soon.


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That tape has been used since the 1970's to attach side moldings on cars. I have a friend that has an original 1972 station wagon with the moldings held on by that tape.

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