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1938 Buick Special Headlight lens

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I need a glass headlight lens for my 1938 Buick Special 40. I was replacing the bulb and dropped it. I'm so upset. Call me at (925) 285-7808 or email me at jfkulegal@yahoo.com. Thank you. I don't think it matters which side. The one I dropped and the other one don't say left or right. It was mad by Guide Lamps.


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Actually they are marked Left and Right but it is difficult to see. For 1937 and 1938 they are part  numbers 920491 Left, and 920492 Right. You will find the markings "Left" and "Right" visible near the bottom of the lens, just above the "Multi-Beam" marking. The Left and Right are embossed on the inside of the lens, so they are harder to see than the Multi-Beam that is in raised letters on the outside of the lens. Check out the photo for an example. The part numbers appear in very small raised number on the outer edge of the lens, somewhere about half way up the side if I recall, without removing one from the car to check.


The best source of parts for 36-41 Buicks is Dave Tacheny. He has more Buick parts cars of that era than anybody else. Call Dave between 4 and 7 pm Central time. His phone number is: (763) 427-3460.


I think I have one extra but I don't remember which side, or where I have stashed it right now. A quick check in the garage did not reveal where I put it. I also have a set of aftermarket lenses that fit 37 or 38 Buick that I might be willing to sell if you don't find one elsewhere.




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