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brass era meet


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Yes, indeed, there will be a brass car tour - the 16th BBC.  (That name started out Brass in Bucks County.  Then we moved, and it became Brass in Berks County.  We've moved again; now it's just Beautiful Brass Cars!)  There will be a pre-WWII flea market and pre-1916 car show at the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum in Strasburg (NOT Stroudsburg!) on Sunday, May 21.  There will then be four days of touring, Monday 5/22 through Thursday 5/25, leaving from the Clarion Inn, our host hotel.  This will be a good place to see the cars being cranked up for each day's tour; you can take pictures and ask questions.  The tour is limited to 85 cars, and I believe it's full, so unless the weather is really lousy, there should be plenty to see.


Last year's tour was a gem.  I wrote it up for the HCCA website.  You can read all about it here:




Come on out and see what the fun's all about!


Gil Fitzhugh the Elder, Morristown, NJ

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