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So, are you "just" a Riviera person, or a "car guy"?

Black River

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I have had 6 Jaguars, but I always looked at them as kind of a British Buick.


There is an old story that Bill Mitchell wanted to use the A body platform for the '71 Riviera series. He thought it was getting a little bloated.


The first XJS was delivered to me in a trailer. I had not driven one. It weighed 4,000 pounds, had a V12, with 102" wheelbase. and a very tight feel. I pulled out of my driveway the first time and thought "Wow! This is the car Bill Mitchell wanted to build."


I am following through on my "sell three, buy one" plan. I sold my '48 Packard on Friday. I was detailing the '94 Impala SS today. And the '86 Park ave convertible will follow.


That will leave me with the '64 Riviera and the '60 Electra. Oh, and the "buy one".



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Loved cars and the 65 Riviera in.particlar since I was little and saw pics of Dad's car. My other passion is Corvettes. This is my 2003 Spiral Gray coupe with 36,000 miles. 30 mpg on the highway, and goes like hell.


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My Dad always owned a Buick starting after he got out of the service after wwII 53 Buick special 55 Buick Special 60 Buick Lesabre then the best car he ever owned (by his own admission) our 64 Buick Riviera.  Along the way though, for their 10th wedding anniversary in 1960 my Grannie gave them a vw bug which I saw at eight years old as a car my own size and really liked it.  That influenced my aspirations, and today have had a business for the last 40 years catering to the needs of those owning a Porsche 914 and all of the others in the Porsche line.  That however does not prevent me from being a single minded car guy though.  In addition to the family 64 Riviera and the 17 Porsches in my collection, I have:

1966 Corvette,  two 67 MGB GTs,  1971 Jag XKE, 2004 VW air cooled Ultima Edition bug, and a 2006 Ford GT.  So you can see I am all over the place when it comes to diverse cars so I think therefore qualifying on being a car guy!  049.thumb.jpg.5ead9abe61b71b69627acaed91db5446.jpgIMG_0614.JPG.d23e4fdcfcbf7179d9b6ee80a0eba669.JPG






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Another car guy here, though I am very partial to mid-60s designs.

When I bought the 65 Riv I was also considering a 65 GTO.


Past cars have included a 63 Belair wagon with factory air and tinted glass, a 64 Impala SS, and a 68 Firebird Convertible.

I have nearly pulled the trigger on a Mustang or two as well, especially California Specials, and the 67/68 Fastbacks.


These all would be among my favorite designs.

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