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Cont'l Engine Colors---Did Cont'l Paint Same Engine Different Colors For Different Makes??

Bud Tierney

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Dept of inconsequential questions...

Re' a question of the color of an original Cont'l engine in a particular car, Cont'l was famous/infamous for tweaking existing engines for new customers...

Does anyone here know of a particular Cont'l engine being different original colors in different makes, or if any particular engine was the same color whatever it went into???

Don't have access to the Cont'l book, so don't know if this covered; some Cont'l car engines were virtually single-make models, while the 6Y, for example, went into at least 8 and probably more..

Any comments appreciated,and, yes, I'll try to get a life!

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I would love to know the answer to this question as it pertains to a 1930-31 Peerless.


We are suspecting that the engine color was black.

Exhaust manifold was black porcelain.

Intake was porcelain as well, but appears to be a lighter color. 


Anyone have any input?


Tom Rasmussen

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I restored a good original 1932 Peerless Master 8 sedan . (The 32s were assembled from 31 parts , so basically a 31 car) . The block was black, the exhaust manifold was also black fired porcelain and the intake I painted machinery gray. I don't remember it being porcelain... The car is in Calf now and owned by the Peerless Lighting Company. I think it had  a 13k Continental .

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