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Do not know this exact car. so for what its worth. Take your time the panel should come off in one piece. First you have to remove the window crank, maybe a piece behind a door handle.or the door handle itself. Then there is probably some good screws behind where ever the door pull is.Maybe concealed behind a small pop out plastic,take your time and maybe you wont break the ears that hold the plastic piece in. Maybe a close examination will reveil a little notch for a small screwdriver. Then there is small clips all the way around the panel edge that need to be teased out of the steel part of the door not the door panel.Two screwdrivers,one on each side of the clip,between the panel and the steel of the door as close as possible to the center of the stud that your trying to pry out of a hole in the door. They do sell a tool for this.Be careful if they tear out of the panel backing they never really hold again.If theres a cable controled mirror you may find an allen screw there to remove the little chrome bezel. If you have power windows and locks you may have to figure out how to lift them up and out to unplug the wires or you may be able to do it after you have the panel away from door. If you have the old style door lock button that just unscrews. Most panels are set down on the top lip by window and have no clips across the top.Just take your time and use the process of elimination.Just dont think you have to remove the arm rest or other features piece by piece. They are all attached to the same backing board from behind on assembly. The big thing is finding the two or three large screws that are hidden behind whatever part they have designated for closing the door.Whether its a strap,swinging handle, arm rest handle. Once those screws are out the handle is still attached to the panel from behind,leave it that way.<P>Their all different but basically the same idea. Good luck! smile.gif" border="0

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