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Buick pictures you may or may not like


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On 12/11/2018 at 12:44 PM, Elpad said:

Right hand driven!?


Yes. Right hand drive.

I took that photo about January 1997 in NSW, Australia.  Got some small parts off it.  It had the engine & transmission but no manifolds.

A GM Holden 1939 body, with a 2 piece rear window as with GMH Australia built bodies




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On ‎12‎/‎29‎/‎2018 at 11:29 AM, Elpad said:

Why did the Buick cross the creek?A08193FF-CD67-4794-A8CA-E5CB37B141E0.thumb.jpeg.3a4b3ed6b532106891cdc9c5407c87b3.jpeg


It's obvious. The Buick is crossing the creek because the driver didn't have enough to drink to passout before getting a "crazy  idea". 

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10 hours ago, Elpad said:



Don't think I've ever seen this one before.  Interesting date on the picture (5/20/1957) and at first I thought the letters on the back spelled OLDSMOBILE. But upon enlargement, they spell ROADMASTER...  It also has the '57/'58 vent window frame (and hubcaps?).  Sure glad they did not go with that taillight set up in '59.  

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