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Award Winning 1929 Phaeton Appraisal / Sale


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My name is Matthew Adams, and I am looking for some help with the appraisal and sale of a 1929 Graham-Paige Model 612 phaeton, fully restored/ impeccable condition. It was my Grandfathers, Frank Bowland, and he unfortunately passed away earlier this year. He was a great man and this is a special car. We want to see it go to someone that will truly appreciate its value. It has won many awards and has many articles written about it. Here is just one of the many : http://www.wheels.ca/news/bowland-familys-automotive-treasure-1929-graham-paige-612-phaeton/ I am reaching out to you in hopes your expertise could help us give this amazing car an accurate appraisal, as well as possibly connecting us with a possible buyer. Any information would be much appreciated.  


Thanks in advance, 


Matthew Adams 



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    First of all my condolences.  I was able to meet your Grandfather at the New York GOCI 2011 show.  The Graham-Paige is a wonderful car with a great family history.  I hope you will take the time to drive the Graham-Paige, you will fall in love with the car.  My second choice is to find local person that will love the Graham-Paige as much as your Grandfather did.  A distant third, is to put the car on a large online auction.  Value wise I am sure your Grandfather had North of $50k in the car.  Unfortunately it is a six cylinder, so large money is not in the cards.  My guess will be $25-30K US... wish I had the extra funds I would love to take care of your Grandfathers Graham-Paige.


Pictures from the meet



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My condolences also Matthew ,I knew your grandfather from the car being restored at Tom pattersons place in Newtonville and being at a few shows with him and your grandmother.  Your grandfather was a great guy always had a smile on his face. Could I take a look at the car sometime   thanks

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