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Wow, details everywhere to finish off the car, just an amazing amount of time dealing with what seems to be the simplest thing. The good news is, the dash is totally wired now and yesterday evening with my son's never ending help, I turned the key, pulled the switch out, reached under the dash and held the hidden switch to get the fuel pump going, we had cracked the line on the carb and it took longer than I expected to get the gasoline up there. Tightened the line, hit the starter button and it came to life after maybe two turns.   Ran beautifully, smooth and quiet. Once warmed up, I shut it down for ten minutes or so, started it again and it was as close to an instant start I have every observed. There is a place close by that sells 90 octane non ethanol gasoline, and though it is not cheap at $3.16 a gallon, I won't have to worry about it going stale and absorbing moisture. Here are a few photos of the detail items I did this week so far.  







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