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68 Wildcat rr 2 door power window roller or regulator

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I know this is kind of for the buy sell category but I've already put a post in that as well. I need to find a roller for my 2dr wildcat rear right side window. Does anyone know if there is a difference in regulators whether its power or manual? Or if the there is actually a difference between 4dr and 2dr regulators.


In addition to these questions does anyone have any other advice finding this part. I do not mind buying the whole regulator but I would b prefer the roller just cause its cheaper.

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Hi Alec,

Those rollers were available from GM individually and there were several different places different rollers were used. Since you ask if there is a difference in regulators between power and manual ( the answer is yes ) I am wondering if you are asking about the quarter window regulator lift arm roller. Or perhaps another guide roller that was used in a different position. Unless we know the year of your Wildcat and what type of windows you have either power or manual we cannot answer this question.

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As specified in the title its a 68 Buick Wildcat 2dr passenger quarter window.  I believe you are correct by calling it the lift arm roller. The window is power as well. I can submit a picture if necessary but I feel the description will be more suitable.

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