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47 Windsor Correct Wheels Needed

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The wheels on my 1948 Windsor must not be correct. I bought what I believed to be the correct dog dish style hub cap with Chrysler script. I think it is a 10", and when I tried to put on the wheel it will not come close to snapping in place. They do have the clips but the size seems invited. I ended up purchasing a set of one piece hubcaps for a 1950 and they fit and look good but ultimately I would like to get the 2 piece wheel covers that have the hubcap and trim ring. But I need the correct wheels to start. Is there a part number i should look for? This is a picture of my current hubcaps.


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I'm bumping this old question in case someone has any new info I could use. Or even has the correct hub/trim ring combo for sale for my 47 Windsor club coupe. Hope to have on the road soon. No one in south Florida's I can find has a clue about my car

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I believe that I have a couple of the 2 piece hubcaps in my storage....I'll post pics when I find them....I think the outer ring part is a bit rusty but its there....give me a day or so....


360 886 4778

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Here’s from my ‘48: 15” wheel, the tire size is 7.6-15. Mine are Bedfords. I don’t know much more about the wheels except that they are original. 



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