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1989 Maserati TC Chrysler Modena

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I am looking to sell for best offer or trade my convertible Chrysler Maserati. Its a classic collectible Chrysler Italian-built flagship two-seat hard top convertible. The first build year was this one... 1989. Is a low-production car  built in 1989 by Officine Alfieri Maserati S.p.A. in Milan, makes it highly collectible. Its a bargain for those in the know. The engine is Maserati-massaged 200-hp, DOHC 16-valve turbocharged 2.2-liter four-cylinder which this has.. With the removable hardtop included

The body and paint (red) on mine is in good condition all original parts. There is only one body rust spot at the gas tank fill doors as I show in the pictures. I loved driving this car but right now I cant get it to run right. I really need a pickup truck for my on the side lawn mowing business. So I want to sell this one to get a truck to haul my mowers instead. So I will sell my Maserati TC or consider a trade for preferably a 4 wheel drive pick up truck.

I loved driving this car. It handles well and is super comfortable. Its got 175000 milesand I have the clear title. I drove it every night to the chicken plant but recently it acted up. I parked it at my friends shop. We cant get it to run right, its like we cant advance the distributor enough. The paint is in good shape. in the pictures you can see where the birds have messed on it because its under some trees.

My Maserati TC is located on the Eastern Shore Of Virginia. You can call my friends house anytime at 757 442 4546 or try my cell 757 414 3559 but I work night shift and mow during the afternoons so sometimes its hard to get me on the cell phone.  I dont know if I attached the photos I was having trouble attaching them

20170325_083719 (640x360).jpg

20170325_083633 (640x360).jpg

20170325_083707 (360x640).jpg

20170325_083655 (640x360).jpg

20170325_083740 (640x360).jpg

20170325_083753 (640x360).jpg

20170325_083827 (640x360).jpg

20170325_083841 (360x640).jpg

20170325_083902 (640x360).jpg

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This car does NOT have the 16 valve engine, they only came with 5 speed manual transmission and this obviously has an automatic transmission. The 16 valve engine will have the spark plug wires going into the top of the valve cover.

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I had one with the twin cam and a five speed.

Great little cars, unfortunately not worth much. Especially the automatics.

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They are stainless.

These were 30K plus back when new.

A lot of money back then.

They are a blast to drive.

I had three of them, the twin cam with the 5 speed Getrag  model would surprise a lot of people. Very quick and nimble.

They got a bad rap because of the early anti lock brakes being finicky.

I particularly liked it because a tall guy could be comfortable it one.

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