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What company to choose? I have several cars , low annual mileage on each. Have quotes from Hagerty, J.C. Taylor, Condon & Skelly, Grundy, are there others to consider? They all seem to be very close in premium cost.  Is one better than the other? Any help would be great.

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Those names are all recognized as good companies in the hobby.

In my experience, Hagerty may be a tad more expensive, but they

allow an antique car to be driven for any purpose (but not as an

everyday driver).  So if you wanted to show it to your church friends,

or take it out for ice cream and then stop at the grocery store, you

would still be covered.  I can't speak for the other companies' driving policies.


Taylor is very supportive of the hobby, but I don't know them personally.

Someone else can tell more.


I don't think you need to look beyond the four you already have.

Send in a check and start enjoying your cars!

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i just got insurance for my 1929 early this year. i called everyone and talked to everyone and compared, in the end I was happy and went with American Modern. nice low premium, best coverage for me for the price.


Included at $0 Cost

  • $2k Spare Pars Coverage
  • Under Restoration Coverage
  • Basic Roadside Assistance
  • Trip Interruption
  • Agreed Value Policy


Plus get a 10% Discount for AACA Members !!


was quick, easy, and painless

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Thank you to all that replied. It is very nice to know that we have some very good options when it comes time to insure our cars. I ended up going with Hagerty, they were very pleasant to work with. I do think they all are very good as was earlier described.  Thanks again

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Surprised that nobody discussed Agreed vs. Stated Value. 



An Agreed Value policy (which is the same as Hagerty’s Guaranteed Value policy) guarantees the policy will pay the full insured amount of the vehicle, inclusive of all sales taxes – with no depreciation – in case of a covered total loss. A stated value policy (sometimes called stated amount or maximum limit of liability) does not promise upfront to pay this stated amount. In the event of a covered total loss, it may pay less than the stated amount, as the insurer has the right to pay the lesser of your collector car’s depreciated actual cash value (ACV) or its replacement cost. Also, many insurers that offer stated value policies require periodic appraisals to substantiate the insured amount, adding cost and inconvenience to the client.



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