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WTB 1928 Dodge crank handle

D Bosco

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I suspect that it would be difficult to post a pictyre of what you are looking for.

However, maybe a pic of the front of the crankshaft ?

Its a ramped ratchet like deal where it can only turn one way.

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Here are some "handcrank nuts" from Google .  I realize that some cranks go over the nut rather than in it. Someone with an original needs to post a picture of their crank.  With that information and the distance from the crank nut to the front of the rad shell I would not be impossible to make one. There are probably several that would interchange but I have never seen an interchange listing for hand cranks.





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1 hour ago, ILIKECARS53 said:

I thought D BOSCO was looking for window crank handles. LOL


HMMM,  Maybe he was. LOL

I probably do have one of those.


I had a few unknown engine cranks last week but sold them at the swap meet over the weekend.

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