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1938 Dodge 1/2 ton pickup rear axle lubrication


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I had to replace the outer seal on the rear axle. The service manual explains how to lubricate the bearing through the axle bearing oil hole. It then says the rear axle may be drained with a suction gun through the filler hole. What lubricant are they talking about draining?

What grease do you recommend to lube the rear bearing? I don't have bearing grease for my grease gun. Do they actually make it?

Thanks in advance.

1938 Dodge RC rear axle lubrication.pdf

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Hi Greg,

The rear axel is drained from the gear case, where the drive shaft connects to the two rear wheel axels. The filler plug is not too far up from the bottom of the housing.When you get under there you will see it. I coouldn't find the spec oil weight from 37 so I used the 90 weight gear oil I had on hand to top it off. (only fill the housing to the bottom of the filler hole.) Someone on the list may know of a better weight oil that is still available.


Wheel bearing grease comes in a small can, not for the gun. It can be found at any auto parts store. Just liberally goop it on and around the bearing.


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