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1931 Pontiac split six

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4 hours ago, tartop said:

I may be interested on it if it is not locked up and you are somewhat close to Illinois and the price is right. I really don't need it but am always looking for an extra one.

I have not figured how much I want to ask for it. I would love to see it go to someone that plans on restoring it or need parts to get their running. Otherwise I was gonna tinker with it, get it running and hook it up to a pto generator. Every cent I can get will go back into the 31 pontiac project it came out of.

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the value is determined by the internal workings even if the engine is frozen does not mean it is bad i have seen engine that have not run for 50 years frozen up solid and still good but value is low if it does not turn over freely value is low due to what it takes to free it up kit can take up to 2 weeks to lube all internal parts i found 1 that was in a car left in a field for over forty years it took 2 weeks to free it up and ran really well the easiest way id drain the oil pan to see what coming out if there comes metal parts then full rebuild about 6,000.00 labor and parts but if engine turn over freely usually about 250.00 - 700.00 is the going price unless you know the mileage on engine if stock these are cast iron pistons and last along time

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