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1933 Plymouth ring and pinion

Reg Evans

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The short answer is yes. From at least two sources. On was from Chrysler and it is listed in the parts book. This is sometimes referred to as a limousine gear? I do not have this book with me at this time to give you the numbers. They were I think 4 13 as opposed to the standard 4 38. The ring gear will be clearly marked with the part number.

Another is the aftermarket set shown in photos. One of these was on eBay two weeks ago? I bought mine on eBay in February last year. They come up about every 6 months. I have only seen one official Chrysler set and this was mounted in a rear end. It was on eBay Buy it Now for weeks before I pointed it out to a friend in the AACA here in Houston. He was able to buy it.

His impression is that it makes a big difference in drivability. His is an older restoration that he drives in tours, etc.

Let's be realistic, if your plan is to drive these  in tours and log some miles it is a serious consideration. If you just go up to the Dairy Queen with the grandkids than maybe stick with what you have. Don't forget these Plymouths and Dodges of this vintage developed a good reputation and were very drivable in their day. Most Chevies of this period are 4 11.

Hope this helps.

If no one posts the Chrysler part numbers I will after I find my parts books.


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