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Water pump pulley for 66 Delta 425 aircondition car


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I previously posted looking for a 65 pulley. And Joe Oiler sent one to me from Tenessee. Thanks Joe. Well I made a mistake. I dont need a 65 pulley. I need a 66 pulley. I need a waterpump pulley, 3 groove, for airconditioned 66 Delta 88. The engine is a 425ci. The part number on the pulley should be 391114JH. I went to a local yard and got a bent one from a 66 Delta hit in the front, but it is so bad it is not usable. That is the number that was on that pulley. Please help if you can. It is frustrating to need a small part that is so elusive, but essential. Thanks Mike Phelps, dadphelps@yahoo.com confused.gif" border="0shocked.gif" border="0

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