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New here - Can anyone help me find 1903-1910 project

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Hi guys,


I am new here but hoping someone may be able to help me. I have been looking for a few years now without any real luck.


I would ideally like to find a 1903-1906 Ford, Cadillac or Buick relatively complete and viable project. But open to most other makes and up to around 1910.


Also open to restored cars or old restorations depending on price but price is a factor so hence why a project might be a better option for me. I have plenty of time on my side but less of the bank of my side.


Thanks Alex

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Hi Alex, good luck with your quest. As you are probably aware there are very few intact , unrestored 1903 - 1910 projects out there. Probably the most common will be a 1 cyl Cadillac or possibly a very early model T Ford. But neither is likely to be entry level priced.  The smallest of the various Buicks is probably your best bet. I would suggest you keep an eye on the Horseless Carriage Club's web site. They are generally  more Brass era oriented than the AACA, both however are a great resource .


Greg in Canada

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Thanks Greg, Appreciate your comments. I guess I might have a bit more than an entry level budget but certainly not in the league of some of these cars once they are restored! I.e. not $100K for the 03/04 Model A Fords and Early Cadillacs :) 


I really like the 06/07 Model F Buick.



Alex in New Zealand


PS. Even though I live in New Zealand I have good freight contacts who can arrange pick up from the owner right through to delivery to me in New Zealand for a very good price. So it needn't be any hassle if my location puts of a potential offer of a car for sale.

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