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1929 Hudson parts for sale

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I have a lot of 1929 Hudson parts that need a new home.  I will try to list what is there.


   2 six cylinder engines

   4 transmissions

   1 complete frame

   1 frame with the back 1/2 cut off

   1 rear axle with hubs and drums

   1 front axle with hubs and drums

   1 front hub and drum

   misc brake shoes and backing plate

   1 wood wheel with hub cap (wood in bad shape)

   2 sets of rear springs

   1 set of front springs

   2 steering columns

   left and right front fenders (poor condition)

   1 gas tank

   1 coule

   3 drive shafts

   3 starters

   2 carborators

   3 water pumps (not sure if all are 29 Hudson)

   3 fan assemblies

   2 exhaust manifolds

  1 intake manifold

   1 distributor

   Maybe some additional misc stuff


  Would like to sell the entire lot for one price.  Have pictures and can send on request.  Asking price is $1500 or BO

  Located in Vermont.


Bill Erskine





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I have not found a new home for this lot of Hudson parts.  I really would like to see it get to someone who can use it.  I was trying to sell the entire lot, but am willing to part it out.  What do you need.  All reasonable offers accepted on entire lot or any individual parts.


Bill Erskine

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The Hudson parts are in Vermont.  I also do not know about interchangability with 1927.  I would sell a complete engine with transmission for $500.  Let me know if you are interested.


Contact me at erskine@us.ibm.com or 802-878-5303 in the evening or on weekends.


Bill Erskine

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